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London Bombings

I turned on my computer this morning to discover that while I slept, London had been the victim of a coordinated terrorist attack. At least 4 bombs have exploded around London, killing upwards of 40 people and injuring far more. My thoughts and prayers go out to the residents of that city and to those directly affected by such a cowardly act of violence and terror.

Individuals who resort to these tactics to advance their causes have no honor. True and noble causes stir the hearts of men and nations. Those who cannot rally the world behind them fight for dying beliefs and dying values. They should at least have the dignity to fade away with their beliefs and leave the world at peace. The righteous do not strike out at the innocent. Only those who have truly lost their way stoop so low. History has shown that bringing fear to the heart of your enemy will not defeat your foe. Such acts only cause people to take pause and then rally together. Striking blindly at the innocent will only create a more dangerous opponent and hasten your defeat.

God be with London. God be with the hurt. And may the villains behind this know only fear and remorse as they are hunted to extinction.


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Why Harry?

Those who know me can tell you that I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter. "Why Harry Potter?" you might ask. Let me tell you.

I fell into the Harry Potter universe in December of 2002 around final exam time. Our campus movie station had shown the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone movie several times and I had found that I was entertained against my will. For whatever reason, I had avoided the Harry Potter series mostly due to the fact that younger children, around my brother's age, seemed to be enveloped in the books to a fanatical degree. Thus, to go against the grain, I just never took an interest and wrote the stories off as silly children's books. However, the first movie had peaked my interest so I decided to bite the bullet and borrow my brother's copies of the first four books. Less than a week later, I was hooked. Actually, hooked might be an understatement. I knew I was really enjoying the series when I had crawled into bed one night picking up Goblet of Fire to start on the second or third chapter. I had only intended to stay awake long enough to read a chapter or two. The next thing I knew was that my mother had poked her head into my bedroom and remarked that I was up early. As it turned out, it had been 8:00am and I was still awake reading.

Today, I am an avid Harry Potter fan and scholar. Sometime near the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I discovered fan fiction. Fan fiction is stories set in the Harry Potter universe written by some of the fans of the series. The result is varied tales of adventure that explore sides of Harry’s world that we just might not see in J. K. Rowling’s books. The largest joy that I derive from reading fan-fiction is that it provides such a wonderful medium to explore the future of the series and the development of potential plotlines. We can create all the theories that we want about how the story is going to progress, but nothing really demonstrates how valid and realistic an idea might be than by trying to write it into a story and thus, exploring how everything plays out.


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Test Post

This is my first post. I'm testing this software to see if I like it. This is actually the second test. The database of the first test was deleted somehow. Anyway, the evaluation continues.

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