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Thesis to Committee


Today I finished up my draft of my master's thesis and delivered copies to my committee members. I will defend my thesis at 10:15am, Monday, November 5th in Jordan 1132. If anyone who reads this needs a cure for insomnia, you're more than welcome to attend my defense and enjoy the peaceful bliss of a good nap. If anyone reading this is actually interested in my defense, you're welcome to attend as well. If anyone wants to take a sneak peak at my thesis as it was sent to my committee, I've provided a link below.



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Small Talk

There are a few nice things about being a meteorologist. One of them is small talk. For other people, a discussion about the weather is just pointless small talk to bridge the gap between friendly greetings and other assorted pleasantries. For meteorologists the weather is a valid and meaningful topic of conversation that can extend for hours and lead to meaningful philosophic debates.


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Thesis Progress

As some of you know, I'm in the final stages of writing my master's thesis. When I was still doing my research, I didn't think that it would take as much effort to write as it has turned out to require. I've been putting in 10-14 hour days, seven days a week for almost a month trying to meet my deadline. I have to send off my almost final draft to my committee two weeks from Monday (10/8). That means that the draft has to have all of its content final and edited with only very small details left undone or unpolished. I'm getting closer to reaching that point every day, but I still have a lot to do to get there and I've been in a constant state of low-grade panic for the past week. To top it all off, my adviser is worrying about my progress too. Every time I see her I can see this accusing look in her eyes that questions why I'm not done yet and threatens violence, not only if I don't work faster, but if I don't improve the current quality of my drafts by leaps and bounds.

I guess the moral of this whole story is that it's 5:45am Sunday morning. I'm still in my office in Jordan Hall working. I've been here since 1:00pm Saturday except when I went home for dinner. I'm tired. I live in terror of not meeting my deadline. I live in greater terror of my adviser and what will happen to me if I miss my deadline or don't meet my her expectations.


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Guinness for Strength

It turns out Guinness may have some legitimate health benefits. A pint of Guinness may not keep The Reaper away, but it should distract him long enough so you can hit him over the head with something heavy and flee.


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My Newest Drug

Over the past few months, I've acquired a new addiction: Starbucks's Caffè Lattes. I'm a fan of coffee, but I've always wanted something just a little different out of it. Coffee is thin and slightly bitter. While cream and sugar go a long way to hide the aspects of coffee and I don't like while leaving the wonderful aroma and bold earthen flavors, it's a rare cup of coffee that satisfies me completely. That's not to say I wasn't a fan, but I knew that there was room for improvement.

A while back, I don't remember when exactly, I ordered a caffè latte on a whim while in Starbucks with my mom. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Caffè Lattes are a combination of espresso and steamed milk. Good espresso is rich and shouldn't taste burnt or bitter. The steamed milk provides a good creamy body and just enough natural sweetness that no additives are required to please my pallet. It's everything I've always wanted a cup of coffee to be.

Starbucks manages to trigger a wave of corporate dislike in many people. Some people feel that a cup of coffee shouldn't cost more than a dollar. I know Starbucks has it's reasons and motivations for pricing the way it does. I'll be the first to say that I'd like to pay less to feed my caffeine addiction and I would like to support local coffee shops who have to work very hard to stay in business in a very competitive market. However, I have yet to find a coffee shop near me that can make better espresso than Starbucks. The espresso from everywhere else I've tried tastes burnt and bitter. So, that means that I pay $3.70-ish for my lattes at the local Starbucks. Fortunately, my local Starbucks has very friendly and competent staff and always makes me happy.

This evening I tried something a little different than my usual Starbucks order. Instead of getting a Venti Caffè Latte, I got a Venti Caffè Breve. It's just like a latte, but made with steamed half-and-half instead of steamed milk. I was looking for a latte that was even creamier. I wasn't disappointed. However, a caffè breve is far more filling than a latte. I finished about half of my breve this evening and that was with a dedicated effort. I think I'll stick with my normal latte in the future. The breve was just too much. Nevertheless, if you're looking for a really filling hot beverage, the breve might just be the thing for you. Just be warned that it's not for calorie counters. I hear that they will make a similar beverage with steamed heavy whipping cream that weights in at 1800 calories for a Venti size. I'm willing to bet money that the resulting drink is spreadable and would taste good on toast.

So, the moral of the story is that I'm now addicted to Starbucks. I now know exactly why their logo has the mythical siren.


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New Office

I moved into a new office yesterday. I can now be found in Jordan 5144 instead of 5148. I have a new desk and new office mates. I moved so that we can consolidate office space and make room for new incoming students. I miss my old office space already. I had more horizontal work area and I liked my office mates (The previous statement doesn't imply that I dislike my new office mates).


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Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my 25th birthday. Everyone should sing and rejoice.


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Christina Has A Job

Christina just informed me that she is now officially a full-time employee of S&R Communications Group in RTP. She now has a good salary, insurance, benefits, and even 401k matching. I think she's excited and I know we'll both take comfort in having the promise of stable revenue that the contract position she had didn't offer. Thus, to Christina I say, "congratulations".


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