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Those of you who actually visit my site (I'm looking at you Googlebot) may have noticed that I've recently added a favicon. favicon ← my favicon

Favicon is short for favorites icon. The small icon should now adorn the address bar in your web browser when you visit my site. Also, if you have my site saved as a favorite, many newer web browsers will store that icon along with the link. You can check you list of favorite sites to see if it actually does this. Hopefully, you've now noticed that my favicon is actually a very small version of the logo I've created and use for my web site. logo



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Happy Birthday Jared

I'd like to wish my friend Jared a happy 29th birthday!

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Working on the New House

Christina and I have spent our weekend working on our new house. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights, we moved some boxes of things we had already packed up from our apartment into our new house. Saturday, we masked all the trim and ceilings in the master bedroom and put on a coat of paint.

Today, my parents drove up from Moyock and helped us with a lot of things. First thing this morning, Christina and I put a second coat of paint on the walls in the master bedroom. Christina and my mom cleaned the appliances in the kitchen. The refrigerator in particular looks brand new after a through cleaning. Dad, with some help from me, installed an over-the-range microwave unit in place of our existing range hood. Doing that involved installing a new electrical outlet and several trips to the Home Depot. I think the new microwave looks great.

Saturday morning I ordered new granite counter tops to replace out pre-existing stained laminate counters. In preparation for the template fitting, I have to remove the existing counters. So, Dad and I removed our current counters which also involved disconnecting and removing our kitchen sink. I hope to have the new counters installed in no more than eight days. Thus, Christina and I need to paint the kitchen walls in short order so that everything we want done is completed and out of the wall before it becomes time to install the new counters.

Needless to say, it's been a busy weekend. I was very glad to have my parents help.



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My GIS Portfolio

I now have an online portfolio of all my Geographic Information Systems (GIS) work that I've done to date at NCSU. Look at the following link to check it out.

My GIS portfolio is also the first webpage that uses CSS for layout that I've coded by myself. I can finally say that my web-design skills are have more or less entered the 21st century. I'm no longer 10 years behind the learning curve. I have it down to about 8 years.

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We Bought a House!

Christina and I closed on our new house yesterday. We moved in the first car load of boxes last night. We're planning on doing some painting this weekend and will move the majority of our things the next weekend. We're excited.


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Field Research

I recently found out that I'm going to go participate in a field research project in October called VOCALS (The VAMOS Ocean-Cloud-Atmosphere-Land Study). The purpose of the VOCALS project is to better understand physical and chemical processes central to the climate system of the Southeast Pacific region. I will participate in the first half of the project where I will be stationed aboard the NOAA research vessel Ronald H. Brown as a radar technician and research scientist. I will help supervise the operation of the ship's precipitation radar and I will collect a variety of atmospheric observations by launching weather balloons, measuring rain drop size distributions, and a variety of other tasks. I will be aboard the ship for the entire month of October where we will depart from Miami, Florida for Arica, Chile.

I'm excited about the opportunity to participate in a large field research program in a new and interesting work environment and location. I'm going to get to do a lot of new things in a lot of places I've never been. I don't know a lot of the details yet beyond the fact that I'm going. So, I'll try to update everyone as I find out more information.


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Buying a House

Christina and I are buying a house. We're looking to close April 30th.

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2701 Rainford Ct. Raleigh, NC

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