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My Work Area on the Ronald Brown

Good morning everyone! Last night we left American territorial waters and entered Cuban waters. At the time of writing this, the Ronald Brown is just north of the far western tip of Cuba. Last night I was treated to a spectacular light show courtesy of t… more »


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Notes from the Pre-VOCALS Sea Trial

As I mentioned previously, the Ron Brown conducted a sea trial the Saturday before departure to test the ship's equipment in order to make sure everything was in ready-to-sail condition. As we were leaving the Cooper River on the north side of Charleston… more »


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Test Balloon Sounding

We did a test balloon sounding launch today just before lunchtime to test the sounding equipment and familiarize some potential balloon launchers with the processes. Balloon soundings, for the unfamiliar, measure temperature, humidity, and winds with res… more »
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RV Ronald H. Brown: Hidden No More

I just discovered that the Ronald H. Brown is now showing its proper location on the NOAA Ship Tracker website. So now you readers at home should be able to track the movements of the ship during the VOCALS cruise. more »


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NOAA Shiptracker Not Tracking the Brown: Glitch or Stealth?

I just noticed that the NOAA Ship Tracker webpage isn't showing the Ronald Brown's current position or meteorological data. I don't know what's wrong, but the ship's Science Liaison Officer is supposed to be informed so the cause can be investigated. So,… more »
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VOCALS Day 1 Sunset

Tonight is our first night at sea for the VOCALS cruise on the RV Ronald H. Brown and nature did us the courtesy of providing a very nice sunset. more »
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VOCALS Leg 1 Route Update

We had the science meeting I mentioned previously after lunch. Among the things we discussed was the change in the schedule and the route of the Ronald Brown due to the one week delay in leaving. The main change in the route is the removal of the samplin… more »


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Sea Trial - Take 2

Well, it's Saturday morning and we're going to try this sea trial thing again. We were supposed to leave the harbor for testing, but while turning the ship yesterday afternoon to load some equipment from University of Miami, the crew noted something abou… more »

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