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Bow Thrusters

My cabin for the VOCALS cruise is in the forward berthing area below the main deck of the Ronald Brown. My cabin isn't very far from the bow thruster at the front of the ship. The bow thruster is basically just another drive motor and it can push the bow… more »


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OK, Maybe Not

Well, the Ronald Brown is heading back to Panama. The engineering staff still doesn't have a handle on the cause of the problem with the Z-axis drive controllers so we're headed back to port where we're going to meet a Tech. Rep. that is being flown down… more »
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Science Goes On

Despite the mechanical problems which aren't fixed yet and have the captain looking quite apologetic, science continues. We started launching balloons at 12:00 UTC and the data from the first launch is plotted. Ronald H Brown Balloon Sounding - 2008… more »
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How do you make a Chief Scientist want to Cry?

Boy did I ever wake up to chaos this morning. At around 3:30 last night the starboard Z-axis drive starting spinning of it's own free will and can only be controlled manually. For those of you playing at home, the ship is propelled by two Z-axis drives a… more »


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NOAA Ship Tacker Reminder

This post is just a reminder that you can track the movements of the RV Ronald H. Brown and other NOAA ships via: http://shiptracker.noaa.gov. more »
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The Panama Canal

Sunday night, the Ronald Brown went through the Panama Canal. Just about everyone aboard was disappointed that we were not able to make a daylight transit as there is much more to see when the sun was out. Nevertheless, despite starting our trip through… more »


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Anti-Crepuscular Rays

Last night we were treated to a very lovely sunset over the ocean. Additionally, opposite the sunset we saw a spectacular display of anti-crepuscular rays. Anti-Crepuscular rays appear to converge on the anti-solar point of the sun. That is the point in… more »


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Science Village: The Ronald Brown's Hidden Community

Greetings to everyone from the western Caribbean! Currently, the closest land is 4000m beneath my feet. Today I thought that I would share a little bit more information about life here on the Ronald Brown by telling you about what I've dubbed Science… more »

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