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Night Releases

As I said in my previous post, we're releasing balloons around the clock as part of the VOCALS project here on the Ronald Brown. There's not really anything special about night launches except for the fact that you usually wish you were in bed instead of… more »


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Balloon Upper-Air Soundings

Now that the ship is in full research mode, we're launching balloon upper-air soundings six times per day. That's every four hours around the clock. Some of my readers are probably asking themselves right now, "What's a balloon upper-air sounding?" Let m… more »
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Peruvian Waters

Good morning everyone. The Ronald Brown is now is Peruvian waters, a place we actually have permission to take data. So, from now on, all the data we collect we can use for publishable research. Both of the radars that I've been tasked with overseeing ar… more »


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Southern Hemisphere

The Ronald Brown is now in the Southern Hemisphere! Crossing the equator by ship has a long and... we'll call it colorful nautical tradition. Thankfully, these are not anachronistic times and there isn't any hazing to fend off. In fact, most of the crew… more »
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Fire Alarms

I was sleeping late this morning because I was up late last night for our 06:00 UTC (3:00am ship time, 2:00am EDT) balloon sounding launch. I was half asleep this morning and quite comfortable when I was rousted out of bed rather suddenly by a fire alarm… more »


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Casualties of Science

I'm writing this post to salute a fallen soldier. Today, Saturday the 18th of of October, my noble laptop, dubbed Argon, suffered a hard drive failure and can no longer answer the call of duty or the call to process radar data. All I'm left with now is m… more »
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Under Way... Again

The Ronald Brown is alive and moving. The Tech. Rep. is off the boat and we are headed away from the Panama City waterfront. We're going to steam directly towards the WHOI buoy at the fastest speed we can talk the captain into running. We're looking to m… more »


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Sunset off Panama City

We spent most of today holding station off of Panama City. We moved in closer this evening and anchored in anticipation of the arrival of the Tech. Rep. who is supposed to help us with our mechanical issues. He was actually supposed to arrive already. If… more »

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