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I'm Home!

I'm home and it feels great. However, Jake is just starting his part of VOCALS. He has a blog at dopplerjake.blogspot.com. Read it to follow along what's going on with leg 2 of the VOCALS cruise. more »
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Update from Arica

I've checked out of my hotel room. The VOCALS findings and progress meeting starts at 1:00pm. I'm giving my 10 minuet talk at 3:00pm. I'm leaving for the airport at 6:30pm. My flight leaves for Santiago at 9:00pm. I travel for a billion years (24 ho… more »


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Last Full Day

Today is my last full day aboard the Ronald Brown. We're scheduled to arrive in Arica around 10:00am local time tomorrow. Already things are winding down on the ship. There are numerous conversations about what people are going to do when the get to Aric… more »


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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone! We here on the Ronald Brown are getting into the Halloween spirit. The women among the science party have disappeared and murderous pirates have taken their place. The shrill battle cry of "Arrrgh!" echoed across the mess deck… more »


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Buoy Operations: Recovery

Most of the instruments that are deployed either on an open-ocean buoy or on the mooring line are unable to transmit their data to shore via satellite phone. They have to store their data on internal memory cards. As a result, if you want to collect the… more »


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Buoy Operations: Deployment

One of the tasks in completing the VOCALS mission to study ocean and atmospheric processes and interaction involves maintaining a buoy with myriad instruments in the vicinity of 20S, 85W; right in the heart of the Eastern Pacific stratocumulus region. Th… more »


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A few nights ago, the Ronald Brown stopped so we could perform what is called a CTD. CTD stands for conductivity, temperature, depth and is a tool to measure those and other physical characteristics of seawater. In a way, you can think of a CTD as the oc… more »


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The Southeast Pacific

The satellite image below is from this morning. The position of the Ronald Brown at the time this image was captured in denoted by the green cross. As you can see by my labels, open-cell and closed-cell stratocumulus are clearly visible. These clouds are… more »

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