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Thunderstorm Time Lapse Video

I like all the mammatus clouds that you see at the very end of the video. more »


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Two Videos

My Brother's Video of the Most Recent Space Shuttle Launch: My Brother-in-Law's Video of our Recent Ski Trip: Ski Trip 2010 from Cliff Cartwright on Vimeo. more »


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Music can come from anywhere

The following video has been pretty popular on the internet recently, but I wanted to share it anyway. Composer Jarbas Agnelli saw a photo in the newspaper of birds sitting on power lines and it reminded him of notes on a music staff. So, using an unedit… more »
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Stop-Motion Building of the Lego Millennium Falcon

This is completely awesome. It a movie of the assembly of the 5200 piece Lego Millennium Falcon assembled by Lego Star Wars characters. more »


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Time Lapse Cloud Video

As part of an educational project my lab group is working on here at NCSU, I've put together some time lapse videos of clouds as observed from my office in Jordan Hall. You can see an example below. This video is from 18 May 2008. The camera is l… more »
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