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Changes Ahead

I'm retiring the use of this software to run my journal and I've switched to Wordpress. The transition is still a work in progress, but, for the moment, you should use the URL millercommamatt.com/wordpress. Eventually, you'll just be able to use millerco… more »


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Journal Software Upgrade - Update

I think I finally have everything the way I like it since moving to the newer version of the software that runs this journal. In the old version of the software, things like the calendar to the right were added automatically and were part of the "skin" t… more »


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Journal Upgrade

I few days ago I upgraded the software this journal runs on. The upgrade went easily enough and, as best I can tell, no information or settings were lost. The style sheet for the journal was changed so the site will remain this bluish-grey color until… more »
What is this thing?

This is where I rant about whatever I want. Here is where I share my thoughts, dreams, strange ideas, and general commentary on my life and the world around me.


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