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Sometimes, I Really Hate Cars

My car broke down over the weekend. I did some troubleshooting and I figured out that the fuel pump wasn't working. I was supposed to pick up the part to fix my car this morning. When I got in my wife's car this morning with her to pick up the fuel pump… more »


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Journal Software Upgrade - Update

I think I finally have everything the way I like it since moving to the newer version of the software that runs this journal. In the old version of the software, things like the calendar to the right were added automatically and were part of the "skin" t… more »


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Vonage Woes

Since I moved, my Vonage VoIP internet phone service hasn't been working properly. I was receiving a lot of audio nose and I could barely make out incoming voices. Through some troubleshooting, I isolated to cause of the problem to my Linksys RTP300… more »
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