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New Wold of Darkness Success Probabilites

I previously posted about the probabilities of successes for dice roll for the old White Wolf World of Darkness role-playing game system. A few years ago White Wolf release a new system for their games set in the World of Darkness. The new system does… more »


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Probabilities in the White Wolf Role Plaing Game System

This post is an analysis of the probability of the chances for obtaining a particular result of a dice roll for the White Wolf role playing game system. If you're already familiar with the system, you can probably skip ahead to the "Read More" link below… more »


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NCAA Backetball Tournament Fun Fact

I case anyone was curious, there are 264 (two to the sixty fourth power) ways to fill out an NCAA basket including the play-in game. One play-in game, 32 first round games, 16 second round games, 8 sweet sixteen games, 4 elite eight game, 2 final four… more »


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Correlation, Confidence Interval, and Sample Size

I haven't made a post to this journal in a very long time and I'm about to end that drought with something very nerdy. [WARNING - MATH AHEAD] Lately in my research, I've been looking at correlations between data. For those of you who aren't familiar w… more »
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