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Epic Fan Fiction Recommendation

I'd like to recommend what I'm pretty sure is the longest single fan fiction story that I've ever read. Weighing in at over 1 million words, Sunset/Sunrise Over Britain, by Bob and Alyx, is a sprawling, imaginative story that covers the the fall and even… more »


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Harry Potter / Firefly Crossover Fan Fiction

Those who know me well know that I'm a fan of Harry Potter fan fiction. Fan fiction is a very peculiar thing. Everyone who writes it does so for fun and as a creative outlet. However, skill is by no means equal between authors. Sadly, the majority of fan… more »


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How Many Wizards? - Part 2

I've been discussing this topic with some friends and well as reading what others that I've shared my estimates with on the internet have had to say. That being said, I think the most unreasonable assumption that I made was my third one that stated, “.… more »


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How Many Wizards?

Warning to Readers: There is a seriously nerdy discussion of the Harry Potter books ahead. For some time, there has been a debate in the Harry Potter fan community over just how many wizards there are in the Harry Potter world and how many children at… more »


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The Closest I'll Ever Get....

This is probably the closest I'll ever get to writing my own Harry Potter fanfiction story. Lord Voldemort granted young Harry a brief meeting before what he knew would be the boy's destruction. And thus, they sat in a small muggle pub in Speyside at… more »


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My Favorite Harry Potter Fan-Fiction

My Favorite Archives: The Sugar Quill ( www.sugarquill.net ) Phoenix Song (www.phoenixsong.net) The Awakening Power By: Sib http://www.phoenixsong.net/fanfiction/stories.php?psid=126 This is my hands down favorite HP fanfiction story. This story… more »
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