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Sometimes, I Really Hate Cars

My car broke down over the weekend. I did some troubleshooting and I figured out that the fuel pump wasn't working. I was supposed to pick up the part to fix my car this morning. When I got in my wife's car this morning with her to pick up the fuel pump… more »


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My Car Lives!

I managed to get my car fixed yesterday. I called Carquest to get the hoses I needed and I picked them up yesterday morning. I didn't need the first hose they gave me and the second hose they gave me wasn't even close to fitting. So, I took another trip… more »


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My @#$% Car

I have a 1991 BMW 318is. For the past few weeks, it has had a vacuum leak in the intake system that's prevented it from idling correctly. My father-in-law, a master mechanic, was kind enough to track down the leak for me. The culprit was the hose coming… more »
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