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Heroes Season Finale

The season finale of Heroes was last night. I thought I would chime in real quick an comment on the stupidity of the ending. The thing that really got me was that after Nathan was killed and Sylar was subdued, they decided that they should use Matt Parkm… more »


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Fire Alarms

I was sleeping late this morning because I was up late last night for our 06:00 UTC (3:00am ship time, 2:00am EDT) balloon sounding launch. I was half asleep this morning and quite comfortable when I was rousted out of bed rather suddenly by a fire alarm… more »


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Casualties of Science

I'm writing this post to salute a fallen soldier. Today, Saturday the 18th of of October, my noble laptop, dubbed Argon, suffered a hard drive failure and can no longer answer the call of duty or the call to process radar data. All I'm left with now is m… more »


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Bow Thrusters

My cabin for the VOCALS cruise is in the forward berthing area below the main deck of the Ronald Brown. My cabin isn't very far from the bow thruster at the front of the ship. The bow thruster is basically just another drive motor and it can push the bow… more »
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