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Changes Ahead

I'm retiring the use of this software to run my journal and I've switched to Wordpress. The transition is still a work in progress, but, for the moment, you should use the URL Eventually, you'll just be able to use millerco… more »


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America: The First to Bomb the Moon

I was reading an article about NASA crashing the LCROSS satellite into the moon to try and detect the presence of water in lunar soil when I started to think: What does it mean for America when we're effectively the first country to bomb the moon? more »


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Great Olympics Article

I just found a great Olympics article on Yahoo! about some Olympians competing in the rifle competition who have apparently found love. However, that's not the catching point of the article. This article's gem is its opening paragraph. It's as follows:… more »


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NCAA Backetball Tournament Fun Fact

I case anyone was curious, there are 264 (two to the sixty fourth power) ways to fill out an NCAA basket including the play-in game. One play-in game, 32 first round games, 16 second round games, 8 sweet sixteen games, 4 elite eight game, 2 final four… more »


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Global Warming - Not Funny Anymore

That's it! Global Warming isn't fun anymore! According to some Scottish researchers, many coastal Scotch Whisky distilleries - most notably some of my favorites on the Isle of Islay - may become flooded if the sea level rises to levels forecasted by r… more »


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Guinness for Strength It turns out Guinness may have some legitimate health benefits. A pint of Guinness may not keep The Reaper away, but it should distract him long enough so you can hit him over the head with some… more »


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Ethanol as Fuel: A Scam?

Ethanol Scam: Ethanol Hurts the Environment And Is One of America's Biggest Political Boondoggles [Rolling Stone - July 2007] This is a well researched article taking a look at the push for ethanol as a new fuel source and the trouble that could bring.… more »


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Recently, I discovered an incredible piece of software being developed by Microsoft called Photosynth. Photosynth is able to take a collection of two dimensional pictures and register them collectively in a three dimensional space. To really get a feel f… more »

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