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Changes Ahead

I'm retiring the use of this software to run my journal and I've switched to Wordpress. The transition is still a work in progress, but, for the moment, you should use the URL Eventually, you'll just be able to use millerco… more »


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Epic Fan Fiction Recommendation

I'd like to recommend what I'm pretty sure is the longest single fan fiction story that I've ever read. Weighing in at over 1 million words, Sunset/Sunrise Over Britain, by Bob and Alyx, is a sprawling, imaginative story that covers the the fall and even… more »


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Harry Potter / Firefly Crossover Fan Fiction

Those who know me well know that I'm a fan of Harry Potter fan fiction. Fan fiction is a very peculiar thing. Everyone who writes it does so for fun and as a creative outlet. However, skill is by no means equal between authors. Sadly, the majority of fan… more »


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My Thoughts on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Spoiler Warning: This post will contain details about the contents of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. If you don't want to know anything about the book, I'd starting looking at another website right about now. Late Saturday morning, I found myse… more »


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Muggles vs. Wizards

Recently, a poll asked readers a simple question asking about who would win in a conflict, muggles or wizards. When I first saw this question, my “knee jerk” response was that muggles would win. Based on my previous estimations of the size… more »


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How Many Wizards? - Part 2

I've been discussing this topic with some friends and well as reading what others that I've shared my estimates with on the internet have had to say. That being said, I think the most unreasonable assumption that I made was my third one that stated, “.… more »


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How Many Wizards?

Warning to Readers: There is a seriously nerdy discussion of the Harry Potter books ahead. For some time, there has been a debate in the Harry Potter fan community over just how many wizards there are in the Harry Potter world and how many children at… more »


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More HP Fan Fiction

It's been a while since I posted my list of my favorite Harry Potter fan fiction. Instead of listing the stories I found recently, I'm just going to provide a link. is an invitation only writing community featuring the best writers in… more »

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