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Changes Ahead

I'm retiring the use of this software to run my journal and I've switched to Wordpress. The transition is still a work in progress, but, for the moment, you should use the URL Eventually, you'll just be able to use millerco… more »


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Two Videos

My Brother's Video of the Most Recent Space Shuttle Launch: My Brother-in-Law's Video of our Recent Ski Trip: Ski Trip 2010 from Cliff Cartwright on Vimeo. more »


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Science vs Pesudo-Science

Wired has a great article about the anti-vaccine movement and how fears over autism, fueled by few if any scientific facts, have the potential to lead to outbreaks of almost forgotten diseases because more and more parents are choosing not to vaccinate t… more »


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Music can come from anywhere

The following video has been pretty popular on the internet recently, but I wanted to share it anyway. Composer Jarbas Agnelli saw a photo in the newspaper of birds sitting on power lines and it reminded him of notes on a music staff. So, using an unedit… more »
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Peak Productivity

This graph from the web comic PhD explains my productivity perfectly. more »


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Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday. I'm now 27. I'd like to thank everyone who has sent me happy birthday wishes. I appreciate them all. more »


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Does your wall-mounted TV violate electrical code?

The National Electric Code (NEC) states: NEC ARTICLE 400 Flexible Cords and Cables General 400.1 Scope. This article covers general requirements, applications, and construction specifications for flexible cords and flexible cables. 400.8 Uses Not… more »


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New Wold of Darkness Success Probabilites

I previously posted about the probabilities of successes for dice roll for the old White Wolf World of Darkness role-playing game system. A few years ago White Wolf release a new system for their games set in the World of Darkness. The new system does… more »

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What is this thing?

This is where I rant about whatever I want. Here is where I share my thoughts, dreams, strange ideas, and general commentary on my life and the world around me.


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