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Heroes Season Finale


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Heroes Season Finale

The season finale of Heroes was last night. I thought I would chime in real quick an comment on the stupidity of the ending. The thing that really got me was that after Nathan was killed and Sylar was subdued, they decided that they should use Matt Parkman to brainwash Sylar into thinking he's Nathan and basically us his shapeshifting powers and memory absorption powers to be a walking copy of Nathan. Why they chose such a complicated and error prone plan is beyond me. Why not use Claire's blood to bring Nathan back to life. I mean, it's not like they haven't seen it done. Then, with the real Nathan back, toss Sylar into a plasma furnace and reduce him to superheated ionized gas. If that won't kill him nothing will. I know logic and drama tend to oppose each other - especially on network television - but last night's Heroes steps so far away from a logical and reasonable course of action that the viewers should be able to buy it.

This seasons there hasn't been a character on the show that has consistently behaved in a logical manner. In fact, I think I can image how filming went.

"Hey director, why is my character doing this again?"

"Because the writer said so!"

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