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Last Full Day


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Last Full Day

Today is my last full day aboard the Ronald Brown. We're scheduled to arrive in Arica around 10:00am local time tomorrow. Already things are winding down on the ship. There are numerous conversations about what people are going to do when the get to Arica. Mostly the discussions center around travel plans, where to get good food, and what bars are within stumbling distance of the hotels. People are starting to pack up their things, stow equipment, and clean up their work areas. While I'm not packing my clothes into my duffel bag just yet, I am working on tidying some things up and getting ready to have Jake take my place. I'm making sure all the data I've collected so far is organized and written to my external hard drives. I'm making sure that I've collected any data from the other scientists that I think will come in handy. I'm making sure that I have a lot of written instructions so that Jake will have a reference for how to do some of the tasks that I've had to figure out on my own.

Overall, things just feel like they're coming to a close. While my part in the VOCALS project is nearing its conclusion, things aren't over yet. There's still one more day of data to collect. On the 5th of November, Guy Fawkes Day, I'll be training Jake on the things I've been doing on ship and on the things I've learned so far. I'm trying to get a speaking spot at the mid-project meeting on the 6th to present an outline of how we're using the Brown's C-band radar, some interesting things we've seen in the data, and where we're putting our data for the world to preview. Speaking of that final point, the NCSU online field catalog can be found at precip.meas.ncsu.edu/vocals. When I go home to Raleigh, VOCALS will still be going strong. While my month long odyssey will come to a close, Jake's will just be beginning. Also, once I'm home, I'll probably take my place in the shore-side support role. While I've been on the Ronald Brown, the rest of the research group back at NCSU has been working hard processing raw data and analyzing the meager amount of data the Brown's limited internet bandwidth allows me to send out.

I'm starting to get excited about the prospect of getting off the ship. The thing I'm looking forward to the most is sleeping in a bed that doesn't move. Anyone with romantic notions of the ocean waves gentle rocking them to sleep has never been woken up by bumping their head into the wall when the boat makes a sudden roll. I've gotten used to sleeping on a pitching and rolling ship, but that by no means suggest that I prefer it to my usual terrestrial sleeping arrangements.

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