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VOCALS Cruise Delayed


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VOCALS Cruise Delayed

I went down to Charleston Thursday night to begin my preparations for boarding the Ronald Brown for the VOCALS research cruise. However, Friday morning I learned that there had been a significant electrical problem aboard the Ronald Brown early that morning; something involving an electrical short and a fire. Anyway, the result is that the sailing date for the Ronald Brown has been pushed back a week. Thus, I'm back in Raleigh and I'll probably head back down to Charleston in the coming weekend to try this whole research cruise thing again. So, I have another week at home in Raleigh and I get to be thankful that a problem like this didn't happen at sea. As far as the VOCALS schedule is concerned, we'll still arrive in Arica on November 3rd and I'll still depart Chile for home the night of November 6th.

I should note that the purpose of the content of this post is to express frustration through humor and not to disparage any of the agencies that generously fund and support scientific research. My colleagues and I like our grants and we like to conduct research. If you are not familiar with the origins of the humor behind my photoshopped image, please visit http://icanhascheezburger.com/.

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