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WordPress Test Drive


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WordPress Test Drive

I've just spent the past few hours testing out WordPress. WordPress is a web publishing platform designed around blogging and total site content management. So far, I've been very impressed on how easy it is to set up and manage. The user interface is powerful but easy to figure out and use. WordPress also seems to have just about any feature you could want. As far as user support goes, the online documentations is nothing short of impressive. It's very easy to add and edit pages and you can add complex features like blogs and image galleries with a push of a button and they seamlessly blend into the rest of the website.

Right now I'm thinking that I might use it to manage my whole website including this journal. I'm sure that there will be some work involved in transferring all my existing journal posts to a new software platform, but it looks like it's a manageable process.

What is this thing?

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