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Hodge Podge


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Hodge Podge

I developed a cold over the weekend. I guess it started about Thursday when I had a sore throat. By Saturday around lunch time I started getting congested and by late that evening, my nose was running like a faucet. My head was fairly clear this morning, but now that I'm at school in my office, I'm back to being stuffy again. It sucks, but I've dealt with worse. Sometimes it just helps to whine a little bit.

My wedding to 2 weeks away. It's real close and I'm starting to worry about having all of the details wrapped up. I got the music for the service figured out last night, but who knows what I may have forgotten. I'm sure that between Christina, myself, and our parents, just about everything has been seen to. At this point, anything that we did forget about probably wouldn't been that big of a deal anyway. Nevertheless, with so many people handling different things, I just have to trust that it will all work out. Frankly, as long as everything is legal and I get to see Christina and all our family and friends smile at the end of the day, the ceremony could be beset by rabid wombats and I wouldn't care too much (Note to my fraternity brothers who read this: Don't get any cute ideas).

In other news, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is only 60 days from release. The Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie release is a even closer than that. I'm excited about both of those events. July is going to be a heavily Harry Potter centered month for me. I'm pretty sure I'm going to try and catch Order of the Phoenix on opening night and I'm going to lock myself in a room without external communication when I get my copy of Deathly Hallows. I'm going to be one excited and happy Harry Potter nerd.

To start the fourth thread of this entry, I'll report that my good friend Stephen's blog (buildingthepeace.blogspot.com) has been offline for almost a week now. Stephen is an engineer for the Navy attached to a provincial reconstruction team in Farah Province, Afghanistan. His job is to basically manage construction across Farah province. Many places in that part of the world have been damaged from decades of warfare or, for one reason or another, are unchanged from ancient times and require the building blocks of modern life. Stephen used his blog to chronicle his adventures in Afghanistan. The blog gave an easily accessible window through which friends and family could see what Stephen was up to on a day-to-day basis and it also served as a ground-level report of life and events in the region.

I don't know why Stephen's blog isn't online anymore. Google might just be having a very localized and very extended problem with their blogging service. However, I really doubt that. I think it's more likely he was pressured to take it down by his commanders or he was directly ordered to do so. It may also be the case that the Department of Defense (DoD) went directly to Google to have it removed. I know the military recently put in place several new rules concerning soldier's blogs, but I don't know how they may or may not have affected Stephen.

My problem with the whole situation is two-fold. First, I like to know what my friend is up to. I take comfort in knowing that he's safe, happy, and productive. Finally, Stephen's blog from Afghanistan was a very honest and usually positive overview of his mission. It not like anything he was writing was making bad press for the military. Stephen is a great writer and a gifted storyteller. If anything, the DoD should have used his blog as a positive example of the good things that came come from soldiers sharing their first hand experiences.

I've archived everything Stephen wrote and posted on his blog, including pictures and comments, since before it went offline. If he needs an alternate host, I'm willing to post all of his material here, on my personal website. I won't do it without his permission because it may get him in trouble and frankly, it's not my material to do with as I please. Who knows, you might be able to read about Stephen's adventures here one day.

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