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How Many Wizards? - Part 2


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How Many Wizards? - Part 2

I've been discussing this topic with some friends and well as reading what others that I've shared my estimates with on the internet have had to say. That being said, I think the most unreasonable assumption that I made was my third one that stated, “...all wizarding children attend Hogwarts”.

Let's assume that only 1 out of 20 wizarding children attend Hogwarts. If we assume JK Rowling's statement of a Hogwarts having 1,000 pupils, then there are 20,000 wizarding children of Hogwarts age. Keeping my assumptions from my previous post, that would translate to a total UK wizarding population of 120,000 creating a ratio of 1 wizard for every 500 muggles. This may bring the wizarding population more in line with what JK Rowling had in mind. However, I feel that the depictions of the wizarding world from the point of view of the Harry Potter books themselves support a significantly lower number of total wizards in the UK.

If anything, I think I can at the very least set extreme upper and lower bounds on the UK wizarding population. There are no less than 2000 UK witches and wizards and no more than 120,000. The most reasonable estimate certainly lies somewhere in between. Of course, when dealing with fictional environments, your estimations and predictions can always change at the whim of the author.

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