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The Closest I'll Ever Get....


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The Closest I'll Ever Get....

This is probably the closest I'll ever get to writing my own Harry Potter fanfiction story.

Lord Voldemort granted young Harry a brief meeting before what he knew would be the boy's destruction. And thus, they sat in a small muggle pub in Speyside at a scrubbed oak table. Voldemort watched Harry sip slowly at a pint of cask ale while he himself drank freely from a glass of the finest wine. "Perhaps keeping a few muggles around wouldn't be such a bad idea", Voldemort thought to himself as he pondered the aromas of the burgundy liquid. Slowly, Harry looked up from his glass and stared into the eyes of the Dark Lord. Voldemort knew the child was expecting an answer to his offer. Voldemort smiled and then replied, "You expect me to turn away from the Dark Arts? You are a fool. You walk away from the greatest power I have even seen, and now you expect me to do the same. The Dark Arts are the key to my eventual rise as the master of this planet. Why would I abandon them?" The mirth in his voice was obvious.

With a smile of his own Harry answered, "Because I have asked you. And because your loyalty to the man who brought you out of the muggle world should be greater than your ambition. And because I have poisoned your drink."

The last thing Voldmort saw before everything faded to black, was a grin so evil that it put his own to shame.

The dialogue stolen and adapted from the Babylon 5 episode Ceremonies of Light and Dark.

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